The common thread between all of our customers is their need for a fleet solution, the need for someone who can deliver fleets of vehicles, trucks, maintenance, facilities, training, parts, or even a full fledged fleet operation to their projects in remote areas of the world.  In these places there is a lack of suppliers and infrastructure to provide, deliver and support a large fleet of trucks.  With our unique experiences, capabilities and manufacturers support, this is where we step in.  This is our expertise…partnering with international organizations delivering fleet solutions for their projects in emerging markets.

Our customers have projects all over the world in places such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Papua New Guinea, and Afghanistan. These projects can be military related, commercial related, or even UN related.  From mining companies in Africa who are developing iron ore and gold to manufacturers in Papua New Guinea, we provide specialized trucks for extreme environments.

How can we help you?

What we provide

Global expertise • Global logistics
Direct access to inventory/factory
Flexibility • Financial strength and capability
Integrity, Transparency and Honesty

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The Bukkehave Team


The Bukkehave team is your partner for fleet solutions in emerging markets.

Globally represented and in business since 1925

With almost 100 years of experience, Bukkehave has the know-how it takes to support our clients’ logistical challenges. Our global presence and team of experts means that we are always close by, ready to deliver the ideal fleet solution to meet your needs.